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Hello Nishit thanks for your day to day reports we have got one more message come from our clients, we can see that you removed image from card page when ordering number and it is all right but when the number reserved for certain period of time and the timer countdown – some of the reserved images appear on the cart page can you please have a look at that? Please see this screen shot

Also as we are coming close to a happy 2021 new year we would like to appreciate your work and regular job updates that helps us a lot with monitoring you developing process. So we would like to send you a little bonus so you can take your family to a restaurant and have some great curry together.

The bonus is not from the job budget and we keep paying your job budget as soon as you finish major part of the EN Upgrade 20 job (including errors/comments we’ve been sending to you). We hoping you can finish all this before the the Jan 1st but we will see how you go.

So please let us know which PayPal account we can use for your bonus payment so we can proceed our humble thank you for your hard work and being with us till this day!

Kind regards Andrey