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Jeff Simpson
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hello guys there were some comments coming trough on your Purchase Process task i was told to put them down here so we can outline some points that are looking good and those that need to be changed at the earliest stage so here are they below:

1) on the purchase number page we could see very good organization and accuracy on putting things together but found too many green colors around that is not really fit our site colors so we may need to replace the green but not sure for which one.

2) Add more numbers button please move it to the same line as proceed to checkout and please put + plus icon inform=nt of Add more numbers wording. Now if we putting + Add More Numbers on the same line as Proceed to Checkout then please remove the button that says Continue Shopping as it is basically the same as + Add more numbers.

3) There are some red lines on that page customers do not like them so please remove it, also there is a phone number pad image on that page that can be removed. On that place where the phone pad image was please put the phomne number in LARGE FONT and remove “reserved” word on that page only.

4) then we tried to add an other number and then proceed to checkout we found that the ring to fields not aligned properly please ensure that multiple numbers ring to field appears listed down accurately aligned.

5) 30 minutes radio button should be already ticked by default.

6) on step 2 there should be a NEXT button instead

7) then other steps the task says there should be nice formatted text but we know that it is still in process so just to remind.

8) step 4 radio button should be ticked by default, then free electronic delivery to email and (please add purchaser email ) displayed after these wordings.

9) then next step we can see the text has not been formatted yes so just to remind. Further down that page there are some red lines again from old site content please feel free to remove them.

once again we know that this task under development and not reported completed so we thought to guide you here trough what we already seen to safe more time on further testing.