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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Here is the update for the tasks.

1) Purchase Process

Step 5 these areas are in – front end checkout, admin side and notification messages, as we are re enabling multiple numbers purchase then when customers paid for 2-5 and more numbers each number must have its own call forwarding filed, pin, status and etc so all the parties (admin, customer, reseller) should see which number has what status, ring to, pin etc. for the inventory traceability —– For Call forwarding multiple number is done but i see some issue in pin so I am work on it.

2) Search Area Codes

In this page some design are change is it OK ?

1. Very good work we liked how you did it we can see that 204 Canada area code does not display Canada we will think how to make it looking better and let you know. Just one thing we we would like you to change is your RESET button it sits under the search in the middle of the field and then other radio buttons and text – would you please do something with that area position reset button in lined with other radio buttons and texts, maybe make it a as a little menu or something better looking. —- This task is under progress.