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Mark Hanson
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hello here is a My Numbers Bulk Action functionality test report:

1 we tried to change call forwarding number ticked two numbers and put a phone # with 11 digits instead of 10 and the system accepted that for some reason (but it should not as the number should have 10 digits only)!

2. Also the notification pop up did not display number which we put to. After notification there was nothing happened on the page (the number not changed),

3. then we tried one more time and added 10 digits numbers then pop up (please check pop up notification it displays wrong text) on pop up we clicked OK then could see loading gif and the loading gif was appearing for a long time 5-8 mins with just 2 numbers ticked.

4. Then eventually we saw the notification pop up and clicked ok. After we confirmed OK there was nothing happened on the page and no number changed. So we reloaded the page and could see the call forwarding number changed (but it has to be changed without page reloading).

5. Now we tried to remove call forwarding numbers, ticked these both numbers and clicked to remove(hoping the menu design for that will be redone as already mentioned by Andre) – the loading gif came up and frozen the page so we could not get it working.

Overall conclusion: The functionality is not working please fix it.
Recommendations: Please check the task functionality before RAF.

thank you