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Hello Nishit thanks for your update:
for your queries:

Step 1 please remove 500 minutes
Step 3 the customer does not like the text on that page neither font nor design looks good, we would like to reorganize that area by changing text on that page font, color, text formatting if you see the step 3 the address lined up ugly nit formatted properly so we would like these checkout steps looking good and contemporary as it looks very old and un professional. So if you got a cool idea that will be appreciated
Step 5 these areas are in – front end checkout, admin side and notification messages, as we are re enabling multiple numbers purchase then when customers paid for 2-5 and more numbers each number must have its own call forwarding filed, pin, status and etc so all the parties (admin, customer, reseller) should see which number has what status, ring to, pin etc. for the inventory traceability.

Please let us know if it helped you.
Regards A