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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3341
I will check the modification and issues and i will make it.

Task Update:
Currently I am working on “Purchase Process” I have some queries in it. Please Explain it.

Step 1 – Only leave 30 days call forwarding remove other option.However if client processes multiple numbers multiple Ring to options must applied for each number purchased. Put Ring to field after each number being purchased. —- There are two 30 days call forwarding(30 days call forwarding 300 minutes, 30 days call forwarding 500 minutes) – which one will remove? If Client process multiple number should I list out all numbers in ring to section ?

Step 3 – Please modify the text above all fields (put all text in a EN style frame, nice font, and align all words) please change the last phrase: ” To change your information type in your new data and then click save button below”. —- I can not understand in which part this changes have to make? Could you please explain on it ?

Step 5 – If customer pays for multiple numbers all the numbers purchase should be lined down here each number in one raw. —- in which Area this changes has been made in step 5