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Hello guys here are some comments after testing some jobs:

Exporting My Numbers Page
1. When donlaoding a file a warning message come up “this file can not be downloaded securely by chrome” can you please advice why it is?
2 When numbers downloaded the once that have no pin code downloaded with “0” please make this field empty if no pincode in the table.
3 A number pending port our showing exported with a source code in the status field can you please fix it.
4 When we check the nombers downloaded we go confuced whic order they are sitting on the exported file it was not by date not by status can you please make all the exported numbers filtered by the phot numbers from the top to the last.

My Orders Status
1. We opened My Orders page which has 3329 home phone number and tried to search it ithout dash “-” 3329home the search can not find the number, them we tried to search this number with the dash “-” even with the dash it is still not finding so the search does not work. Please fix

My Numbers Bulk Action
1. the idea you made the changing pin numbers by ticking the boxes was very good we liked it thank you, what was standing out wrong is the design of the links on the top – change pin, change call – is it a call forwarding? if so please make the text in full so it is clear if it makes menu looing longer that’s fine then please make all the links looking as a menu buttons each with an icon so it looks perfectiona and beautiful. Even Export numbers icon (folder) -make it as a first button of this menu set so if we need to add more features there we will create an other task and ask you to add. So please make all the links looking as a beautiful menu buttons with icons sitting on a line lined up horizontally.

We will check its functionality more deeper later on just want to be sure that it all applies bulk changes on both EN site and Telinta (so we wont face similar problems with EN Telinta sync)

Search Area Codes

1. Very good work we liked how you did it we can see that 204 Canada area code does not display Canada we will think how to make it looking better and let you know. Just one thing we we would like you to change is your RESET button it sits under the search in the middle of the field and then other radio buttons and text – would you please do something with that area position reset button in lined with other radio buttons and texts, maybe make it a as a little menu or something better looking.

So shortly speaking all the content which is sitting right under the fields looks a bit ugly are you able to reorganize that area in a more better looking design including your reset button so all the under the fields content sits protectionary beautiful smart in harmony.

So far can not find any thing wrong all looks good thanks Nishit for your hard work!