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Hi Nishit thanks for your question #3318

we just need to tidy up that search area so all the area codes are synchronized with its states sometime the area codes picked 201 but it still showing different state so the task is to make it clear for all our customers to see what area code belong to which state, this is why we would like you to put a state next to each area code so it is all clear for our customers. Ironically as we can see some of the customers in US are from other countries China so having State name next to the area code should bring more clarity for all potential site users.

Thank you for being consistent with your work and reports on a daily bases this keeps us all clear about whats’ going on on each project and we very much appreciate your work on that.

Will try to process some more payment when you come closer to the end of this Job!
please let me know if you got more questions on anything.
Kind regards A