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Jeff Simpson
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for $3308 thank you Nishit, will mark your complete tasks for checking

as per clause 2) some site admins are retired ppl may not even recognize that or very busy so it is good that you having such an easy job to do with no any coding involved.

for Multiple Purchase
for this that’s we would like our customers buying more numbers, for example if they find a number they want to pay they’ll be able to put it to their cart and continue shopping, if they found 2 and 3 number they can add it to their cart and then once they finished shopping they can process all these randomly picked numbers to checkout.

Having said that we should keep in mind that each number purchased goes to check out it has to have its own attributes call forwarding , call time and etc and same for the admin each number has its own break down activation, order statuses (as some numbers may have different activation processes, cancelled or not available ) activation pins, call forwarding etc. Same for email notifications. Just allowing customers to pay for multiple numbers keep them in their account’s shopping cart and once shopping done they can pay for them all in a single checkout session.

As it has been mentioned on the task the site build on very old shopping cart platform some “add to cart’ features are already in place in probably disabled so we now need to have a look at them again check what to adjust and bring it back to life. I should also say here that when lets say customer picks the number from EN site and clicks activate we may need to create a message that this number is in your cart notifying customer that one can continiew shopping and pick more numbers before checkout.

Very important to keep away from such working as /shopping, buying, shipping – the numbers not being sold the customers paying only for the number’s searching and activation fees.
Hope it helps please let us know if you require more assistance on that.