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Jeff Simpson
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Hello Vishal thank you for your Hire Developer Submissions we have received that.
Once again we are very sorry for the covid experience you’ve had and as per my message #3262 we hope you are well now and wish you to be well stated.

I have also checked your account and it has got some funds to be paid to you so you should not be worry about. As i can see your repayment PayPal account has the same ID as some of our other contracted developer and probably this is why it does cause a bit of delay with your balance repayment as the silicon PayPal account has a significant jobs delay which affects remaining budget.

If you share the same PayPal account with other developer i would suggest to perform the urgent task as soon as possible so your repayments will start as normal.

Our financial department very strictly liked with our accounting department and jobs time frames. So if there is any pending jobs on the particular account is pending it holds all the budget as if no work going on there is no funds release approved.

I hope that will make your heads up and help you in resolving remaining jobs.
Please let me know if my respond helped you.
Regards JF