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Jeff Simpson
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Hello Nishit thanks for your reply, we need you to be busy here  this is how our commitment questions said on the review page and you answered that you are” committed to Webmaklay jobs”.

If we getting you right – you taking “EN Upgrade 20” job and you are not giving us any clarity about the second Numbers Activation job which is also scheduled for this year. Here is why please start “EN Upgrade 20” asap and reply back to us once some task done so we can start testing and release some funds for “EN errors” and possibly “EN Upgrade 20” jobs as we are very much delayed with our schedule and that affects our planned budget.

We would need to be quick with “EN Upgrade 20” job so we’ve got some time left in this year (before 20th December) to complete “Numbers Activation” job as well who ever is going to do that.

Awaiting for your updates on “EN Upgrade 20” job on its assigned forum topic here and closing this forum as the “EN Errors Job” is now completed
– Mark could you please reactivate access for Nishit so he can complete the “EN Upgrade 20” tasks.

Thank you.