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Jeff Simpson
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Good day Vishal for your #3261 we are very sorry to hear that you or your colleges has been affected of current pandemic we hope that you are now well and can keep yourself and your family on a safe level.

I have also reviewed your account and found that there was a lot of negotiation going on on this pre budgeted job which is not usually happens with our customers. However as i could found that our team members tried so hard to satisfied your financial requirements along with its time frame that you have outlined yourself in the message #2725.

So making story short the budget you have requested has been %100 linked to yourself set timeframe which had been exceeded multiple times that you determine personally. Having all this in place we put your requirements on one plate of a project efficiency scales and the actual time spent on that job on an other plate of the scales you will see a huge difference and consequences of what we face today.

However from the above said im still very surprised that the team still has left some budget on your account despite all the losses and delays that we experienced on this particular job.

Also as we can see that you’ve missed to fill out your annual review and is not recorded which is now can be dismissed.

Hope i have covered all your queries here and wish you keep safe and healthy.
Best regards JF

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