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Hello NIshit im pleased to inform you that we have decided to close all the disputes with Silicon company we found that most of the errors are fixed now and here is why would like to thank you so much for your work.
i was also going to release additional funds we assigned for these EN Errors that caused by latest EN PHP Upgrade but i could not do se due to following reasons:

1. site links – the errors fixed but as we could see the site started loading very slow and its page style that you used to to before with blue borders and other attributes have missed out again. I would recommend you to carefully check all the site areas that your work on and all related documentations before reporting completion, could you please fix this;

2. for the same reason please visit top up page and see how the page styles and its designed got ruined on the EN Top UP page.

3. Newly created number – upon testing we have created a brand new record / number called TEST and ticked its number’s site visibility option as invisible on the admin products page – everything works good we could not find this number while we were surfing the site’s Categories brands BUT when we put this number TEST in our search filed the number got picked up by the search and became visible on the site. This has to be fixed as we’ve use invisibility option to hide some secret numbers when we’ve got them but our site members some of them our competitors can search find this number and steal it from us. So could you please fix it for us.

4. and an other important error we found is that all newly created numbers that are added from the EN admin site product page -> add new product once the product created and we click on the product/ number the link leads to the page that shows wrong page please check it same broken links error.


Nishit we must know if you keen to continiew working on the project (EN Upgrades 20 job) so we know that we do not need to introduce this source to any new developer and also knowing that we can always call back to you if any error found so you could fix it later on while you working on an other Job.That gives us a flexibility to keep you guys funding while you reporting job completions.

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