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hello all we have tested all the errors and please find our comments bellow here as per EN Upgrades Errors job:

Repeaters Task – Still some errors left Nishit please check this number (939) 888-8888 when you open it from the states (left hand side menu) just click Puerto Rico state and you will see this number, on site Admin in Availability it has been marked as Contact us but contact us sign not visible for some reason and number can be purchased for nothing which is error and has to be fixed. All numbers that we mark on Contact us from admin (see screen below) should not display neither price no activate now function please fix it.

Please note that we may set such restrictions not only on Repeaters numbers but on other numbers as well so this function should work properly which is broken after PHP upgrade.

Site Links – more errors broken links that mentioned in admin message we have found it – please login as Mike T then from client side in the Manage Your Account block menu which is on your right hand side click – order status here you will see latest order 28th Oct 2020 please click on blue button View Order Details and you will see what we mean but broken links across the site why it has happening? Please fix it.

also if you check the other order 7th Oct 2020 for the same customer and click View Order Details it opens but at the bottom of the page we use to have a return back link which is now not found please check this as well.

New Numbers – Tested works!

Wrong States – Not working as we already reported earlier that states are being mixed up see screen below

as you can see the area codes are different but the states are same 971 area code is not Colorado state please fix it.
States Wrong

Product Categories – Tested Works!
Completed Orders – Is not fully fixed but we can skip it and finish in EN Upgrade job as it has been mentioned there.
Uploading numbers from File – Tested with one number it works will test it with multiple numbers later on and report if any issues found.

Agree to close the dispute after all above fixed.
Thank You