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hello guys the pins are not working i checked it again shall we ask Jeff to have a look at that it seems that no luck with this repair we can not wait that long as more and more customers got confused and we are under reputation impact.

my testing log:

i purchased 3 brand new numbers from different states, interestingly i noted that numbers purchased are no longer go in order on the site admin orders area and this may be the issue: – for example the area codes 202,425,808 used to be appearing in order for example 1 number 202, second 425, and third numbers suppose to have the highest state code number 808 for instance. So now when I purchase three numbers the order sequence is broken and first number 808 and last 202 this is why I think you can not fix this issue. It has started after latest PHP upgrade works. When I change the pin on number 1 it changes on site admin but when I check on telinta this number changed for third one and other way around.

Please guys if you can not fix it say so we may save time by asking someone to have a look at that and professionally fix it. If you wanna try to fix the ordering sequence please note that we sometime delete number or cancel and it should not be affected. As far as I remember when customer adding numbers to their cart the sequence of the area codes scenario already worked fine and list all the numbers purchased in their area states order from the lowest number for example 202 area code and the lastly the highest number 909 area code in our case it has got all broken and this I believe causing all the problems now.

Remember area codes issue after latest PHP upgrade job then it fixed so I suspect it has been incorrectly fixed and the issue goes back dated deeper as we think.