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for #3053 thank you Vishal that’s great news we will start testing the job and all tasks on next week. We will release funds budgeted to your silicon account once testing confirmed all tasks 100% completed as mentioned on the job page.


While we testing your great work we would like to tell you that if you keen to continue working with us and get more works prepared for your account please kindly reconsider your work performance working with us. Every time after developer report completion we update the developer’s performance rate on each developer’s office page.

The same performance details has been updated on your page and can be viewed here. As you can see there your Job delivery bar is extremely low and display less that 10% which means that we can not afford such delays caused for this job completion even though it has been set by your own Estimates before you started this work.

We understand that it was a first job for you and probably take time to get familiar with project source add design coding details. Usually by this time job delivery your budget could be lost more than 50% of its install startup level (read here for more details). However we had left major part of your budget for this job repayments once all the task completion confirmation.

So please let us know if you keen to continue working with us so we could prepare more jobs for you BUT please be aware that we wont be able to accept such a delays in the future as it affects our company’s reparation, finance, and planning dpts.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by admina.