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Vishal Patel
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1) The icon before Content Manager should be not a link but something related to a content manager a designing brush for example or something else as it is an admin editor area. -> I con has been changed.

2) I have also tested today conatct us page admin click update which after a lavarel code source poped up and it does not work. -> Issue has been Solved.

3) Then i could see you put an image on the page on the banner area but again it is not update able due to error 2) -> Box for input has been inserted.

Update For the Tasks

I think vanity Globel has been completed. Please look on it

1) Floating Calc. has been updated

Top Menu
2) Faqs – Done.
3) Contact us – Done
4) Search – Done

5) Vanity Globle – Done/ Waiting for review.
6) Password to token -> Done