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Hi Nishit did you checked #3036? Have you testes and fixed with real numbers?

We also found some more error they small but very important to fix urgently:

our repeaters numbers such as 333-3333, 444-4444 and etc suppose to have a contact us button so customers will submit enquiry about each repeater number but if customer clicking on the states and finding these numbers there there is an activate button visible for them which is not suppose to be.

More than that when customers click activate they can buy such numbers for free!!! your can check your self.
#3036 and reapeters numbers issues very serious and customers very unhappy,

Othre thing is that some of the links on EN site right collumn not working and leading to the page with Error ” no such page”

Nishit this all very serious i would like you to take it with all responsibility.
I do not know what technical issue you have there but we MUST to clarify if you can work or not why so many delays and slow respond.

We must to keep moving other wise we are loosing money and time.
Please let me know what are the problems and if you can work stable.

Stable means fix all the issues and progressing with EN Upgrade 20 Work. The faster you do the work the more money you can get the mre problem and delays the more problems arise and we can not release funds to your account.
Please let me know if you need any help.
but we have to do something with all this.