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Hello team the pin changing issue for orders with multiple numbers is still not resolved,
Here are the error details:

This is a sample scenario for your proper repair:
Order 1 with
numbers A and B

We can see you tested A number but not tested B and here are the consequences:

When we change the pin# for B number it is changing but only on the EN admin site so when you check on telinta and Intelligent the pin is not changed and this is the big problem.

More than that let’s say A number has a XXXX pin number and B has a YYYY pin number so when we change the pin for B number and put say ZZZZ, then the pin is being changed on EN admin site and showing AXXXX and BZZZZ thats good here but then we go to telinta and intelligent and check the pins for this Order 1 numbers A and B and what we see is now A number adopted ZZZZ pin code and B number showing old YYYY pin number which is very bad as it is our responsibility for our clients.

So please guys fix this pin issue properly and check all this functionality very well before confirming as we rely on your reports but then receiving tons of complains.