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for # 3030, hi Vishal here are some comments to your reply:

1) The icon before Content Manager should be not a link but something related to a content manager a designing brush for example or something else as it is an admin editor area.

2) I have also tested today conatct us page admin click update which after a lavarel code source poped up and it does not work.

3) Then i could see you put an image on the page on the banner area but again it is not update able due to error 2)

4) i though we could upload the image and add content to the right hand side bar under the address area see screen shot attached, how do we do that and where?

5) The contact us page has got a spelling mistake ContectUS see same screen shot here.

6) We can not see About US page yet is it done or not yet?

7) Now you started working on Vanity Global tasks it is good but what about above pages points?

8) Also could you please reply what tasks have you 100% done so we can test them?

Please note we can not process any payments as there is nothing we can check so far and 100 % completed

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