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Hello team one more error found after PHP upgrade, to avoid confusion i will list all the errors in this message so your can focus on one message that has all the errors we found:

the pin removal by admin issue has not been fully fixed, please refer to my testing log below to help you out with fixing it:

1. Error

a) I removed the pin from admin and it has been removed
b) Then I add the pin from My numbers Page and it has been added in the field as well as on Telinta (good)
c) Then I open site admin and checked same number in the orders the Pin number is not showing up there I refreshed the page few times and it did not work please fix it.
d) Still on Admin I opened an order with multiple numbers and change pin for one of the number in this order but my changes affected second number in the same order.
e) I though it is happening only on site admin and checked on Telinta but unfortunately it has changed the second number Pin there as well please fix it.
Summary: if the order has two or more numbers the pin changes should apply ONLY for that number which pin is being changed not the entire order.

2. Error
When PIN removal or PIN change notification goes to client it used to have the following warning below that is now disappeared please put it back.

“If this was not authorized please contact our support team as soon as possible”

3. Error

when customers input their call forwarding the only one digit being recorded please see snap shot below:


4. Error

We can not update/edit coupon codes, going to site admin -> Marketing -> View Coupon Codes-> then click edit the entire page does not work.

Please fix these errors as it causing us a lot of problems dealing with all the customers.

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