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Nishit Shan
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Hello all,

Yes there will be some time. I will explain the process of how we can move the mirror site to the production. Please check the steps below.

1. I have created a zip file on the mirror server with the latest source code from today that is to be moved to the production server. You can download the mirror server source code from the below url.

2. After downloading , upload this zip file on the production server (DO NOT EXTRACT THE ZIP FILE YET).

The steps from 3 – 6 will result in the site downtime.

3. After uploading the zip source, You need to update the production server`s configuration to match the mirror server configurations for PHP , MYSQL & any other modules / libraries used by them.

4. When step 3 is done, make a backup zip of your existing production server site source (this can be used for rollback in case of any issues.)

5. After step 4 , delete your existing source code & extract the zip uploaded of the mirror site code.

6. After successful extraction, update the following below configuration files in the source for updating the database information of the production database.

– config/config.php
– includes/display/wp-ajax.php

7. After all above steps the site should be up again and working.