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for #2868 and #2869 Vishal please urgently fix the password for telinta we have been receiving errors from Telinta login failed. It has to be fixed asap. Mark has fixed it for you one day and we had to pay for that work also it is very risky to be disconnected from telinta for the multiple login failures. So please act promptly to resolve this issue.Unfortunately i have no idea where Krunal put the password you must check it with him if he has not instructed you to this work the you need to seek other advicr or read API guide documentation. Till you find the solution how the token should work please put back the password so the system could login to telita.

Once again Krunal had to introduse this job to you properly and im not sure how to change it so please fix it asap.
If you unable to resolve this we will have to hire an other developer to fix this issue and this time we will take the payment from you buget to fix this problem