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Hi Vishal just checking content manager and i can see FAQ page draft i understand that still developing process but just letting you know my opinion on what we can see:

1) Content manager should have its own tabs or sort of pages selection which page site admin can edit currently it is all buled up on one page and i can see you continue putting down contact page which takes endless page scrolling which is not right. Please be aware that people will be checking the quality of the job as well as its completion.

If you open any SMC web you will see accuracy in content management. Even word press you can select page which you want to edit and no one puts all pages editor in one long page.

2) Same for the front end please try reaching classic professional standards and same time contemporary design some graphics layout and etc. Currently it does not look nice but again you may be still working on that just advice from my side

3) And one more important thing you have dome something we are now getting error from our DB connection every 10 minutes our script keep trying to connect for new numbers and fails due to login failure can you please fix it asap our email boxes are full of this errors. We have to fix this issue asap as we can be fined for multiple failed connection.I can see that you are working on that so hopefully will fix it soon https://mybilling.nanotelecom.org/users.html#