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Hi Vishal we use our user’s credentials for our API accessibility. As an example our Voip project has got also multiple chon jobs to fetch new numbers stock from both PeerLess and Inteligent. As we noted it seems that you have changed the pass and now we’ve been receiving a DB error and can not reach our vendors inventory. This is why if you have changed any pass it has to be synchronized across entire Voip library. We thought that Krunal has introduced you to the job if not please consult with him for more details.

Krunal also did a pass change option for our telinta switch portal but it does not work unfortunately. We do need a pass change option as all vendors requirements to update their users pass regularly. We found it very inconvenient as we may miss the pass change and our project can end up with a huge downtime witch we do not want to be happened .

Here is why we created this task so you can modify what ever pass change Krunal was working on to a Token auntification and this feature is available form our telecom providers( please refer to providers API guide) available in providers support interface you got access to.

As far as we found out the providers tokens are not changing often and can be used for all our cron and API project accessibility tasks. This is why we asked you to do this task so we could use Vendors token instead of user pass which is very inconsistent parameter for our business.

Meanwhile please check the pass before you finished this task so we stop receiving DB cron errors.