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Hello team i have read your conversation for #2783 and #2781 please
1) Floating calculator’s look & functionality copy from this page please find updated VOIP DEV PHASE 2 page for your reference

i know you have done some Vanity’s modiciation on the search thus copy floating calculator’s look & functionality only.
I have asked S Developer looking at this task and i like the way he did it much better than ours it resolves many issues such us:

a) not overlapping the rest of content
b) do not need to be hidden as it is already build into the search
c) Has got a plan selection so customer skip plan picking page while ordering number
d) great design
e) Maximum info in minimum space

So not need to develop floating calculator task any more as you just need to copy what has been already done.
However we will leave the budget payment for this task as you agreed with developer.