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Hello Krunal thank you for your reply,

For your we’ve gone trough the task… – just reminding you to read our articles about how the budget being set for all the jobs, some spent week for a task the others just 2-3 days for the same task. Our budget can not be regulated by the time each developer says as the time frame always varies. All the task budgets set from the average time frame EST that developers spent on that with each individual skills approach. As an example if the task budgeted $20 that means that there was an EST discussion run on that task and already has a developer who can do same task for such amount. There is no reason for us to increase the task budget if we already got someone who can do it for the budget set amount.

There can be a budget increase in such situations as:

a) Project nominated developer performs all tasks within scheduled period of time with no delay
b) Project nominated developer meets clause a) plus deliver an outstanding quality outcome on one’s report completion

In the above case even if we’ve got a better offer from our developer’s pool we will rather stick to our nominated developer and increase the task budget if advised. The performance effort can not be claimed in advance but only after certain experience with nominated developer.

In your situation when you putting a new developer who’s effort we do not even know the budget increase discussions are not appropriate an this stage.
We are still welcome and appreciate your Vishal Patel candidature and happy to assign him to the current project.

I have already requested an additional account creation for Vishal Patel on which he will be granted his personal Webmaklay accredited email for testing purposes and essential access. Please kindly introduces Vishal Patel to our privacy protection rules.
As a trail for your new candidate we will discuss all possibilities regarding your budget increase advice and if happens will be linked to the time frame advised in your #2702!