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Hello team for #2634

1) Okay
2) The address should not be entered for already logged in users as the logged in users already registered and added their address, I can see you left the address page with existing information it is okay leave it as it is for now.
3) Thank You
4) Will check again
5) Fair enough, okay leave it like this we will work on that later on.
6) Same as 2)
7) I agree will plan it for an other task
8) The only message I could see was “Select Plan” and even this one not what I meant , we need clients to actually see where they are and which step is ahead / behind
9) View Orders page search reset and search button not being displayed good on mobile
10) In notification email can you please add number which ordered in the subject line. If more than 2-3 numbers purchased then let it shows number and + (5 more) for example ; 3033243456 + (3 more) numbers ordered!

Overall there will be more work adjustments done on this and other areas , from my list above please finish 8,9,10 and we will close this job. Andre, Jolly please create an other job with new budget for developer as discussed.