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1) this issue has been resolved now !! you can check it after login.
2) & 6) address is asking for the
a)order details and which is also mentioned in ‘order management’ task, later it it stored and displayed in ‘view order’ page.
b) as per discussed the followed the functionalities of ‘http://portal.voip.us/numbers’.
you can check here which is also asked for the address, thats why i put adress fields for both logged & guest customer.
3) i removed validation from it so now it will no longer mandatory.
4) i checked in every where in ‘view order’ page i did not find any missing digit, if any then suggested me or possible then take screen shot of it so i can understand it where is.
5) you cannot search like this, also i followed the functionalities of ‘http://portal.voip.us/numbers’, so if you can find there then you can find here also. as well as there are other alternative is there to find the number like: a) first 3 digits, b) last four digits and etc.
7) there are some mechanism behind the search when you type like “HOME, GAME etc” but when i will reverse it then it will caused/affected the searching functionalities so i did not put there, its complicated.
8) there are already headers there which shows the where you are.