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hey guys looking better now:

here are some results from my testing’s;

1 . Once customer logged in clicks on my portal link from landing page there is a error showing as a source code.
2. Logged it adding a number why the system askes the address again when the customer already logged it?
3. Related question when new visitor creating a new account do we need an address 2 line compulsory?
4. When customer orders a number in the orders View Page missing first digit please check
5. in the numbers searching you created a phone number field what about the fields with start 3 digits and ends 3 digits are we able to search vanity numbers there?
6 . When logged in user orders a number the system asks the address again hasn’t the system record the address for the user while account creating why it asks again I do not think it is right.
7. When we order a vanity number from home page HOME for example why it does not display HOME in the search results?
8. Can we have a progress bar somewhere on the top of the page showing where the customer currently is: adding numbers ->plan selection -> Payment ?

Please guys check the numbers ordering for already registered user it should not display any errors, asking to add address again