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Hello Krunal for #2611

1) jumping fields we still can see via Chrome browser i tried to test with Explorer and that was fine with Explorer.
2) & 3) looking better now thank you!
4) i could order the number and left the message and could find the message in order.
5) the order message looking better however some points there needs to be adjusted
a) the notification message header dark blue to big make it a maybe half narrower,
b)we can not see site logo there it is not coming through,
c) also i thing there should be a footer for all our notification emails, as we will need to add some information
there such as privacy policy maybe some links etc.
6) On order View Page i could see two same numbers but i ordered only one, can you please check why it is duplicating has to be fixed.

Overall looks much better Krunal please fix these points above and we will push the project trough for testing to report it as finished.

Looks much better for me but please note that the testers will be from customer andthey may comeup with some other adjustments please keep it in mind.

I hope it will be completed and accepted soon.
Maybe it is a bit earlier to ask now but please let me know if you would like to continue working with us.