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hello Krunal we have just tried to do the same as on the video before and here are the points not fixed yet:

1) When creating new account Tick icon and Fields still jumping from one side to an other
2) When we create a user and click Submit still nothing happening and we did not know why but when we scroll up we can see some errors in red email already exist and User already exist which is all good but when we put different email and different user name the red warning message still showing up and not disappearing.I think it should be changed to green tick once changed immediately
3) also it would be great if you could do a warning message when ppl click on submit button and something is wrong the message says Please fix the following fields: Username, Email Address so customer is actually aware why submit button not letting to go further step. Alternatively you can scroll up to the error fields so customers can see the problem.
4) We created account left message in the text box and then clicked submit the page redirects to my numbers page and we could see new number in the table which is all good but when we logged in to the Admin View Order page we can not see the message that we left upon signup and ordering new number. I think the message should be apearing where the orders tab message link it shows 1 message but we could not see it.
5)also the order notification email still old has to be proper looking with all the order details.sent to both admin and customer email.