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Hello we’ve have received a complain from a client who owns this number 561 -888-8887 please read below:
——————————-CUSTOMER COMPLAIN STARTS ——————————————-
Hello support I was going to set up a call forwarding for my 561 -888-8887 and when I open my numbers page and started frizzing, so I tried to search for my 561 -888-8887 number but when I was input its digits 561… in the search number field there was nothing coming up in there and the page completely frozen I could not do any think with it. When I open deck top and tried to change the pin for the same number I also could not do it. I have got multiple numbers on my account and only tried with one above and could nothing to do
Please help.
——————————-CUSTOMER COMPLAIN ENDS ——————————————-
Also for your #2580, #2577, #2578

The hash # icon a bit sitting a bit high on the search page other pages seems to be OK
Ported Out seems to be working but please double check with our client’s account (complain above) as he’s got plenty numbers
Account number showing only numbers OK