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1) Calculator now moving it is good but could you make an hand kind of icon when mouse over the calculator so customers can understand that they can move it across their screen also it would be good to have even a sign saying Drag or Move so old customers understand.
=> Done.

2) After PLAN please put (Monthly Subscription) if wont fit just “Monthly”.
=> Need To understand. how to adjust it ? it will new listed after displayed plan or something else ?

3) After adding a plan account data entry should be organized properly some customers have got already account and for those whonew should create an account. So it should say something login with your account or create new:
=> Done.

4) Also if customer has got an account but forgot email or pass there should be a reset pass feature.
=> This is Additional point not mentioned in original requirements, it will take time.

5) in our case we wehere creating an account from Mark and we add all the data and generated pass then selected bank transfer click SUBMIT and there was nothing happening, so in here it should indicate what’s wrong and why the system not processing further step. Whether it is a same usrename or address there should be an indication for the client to fix in order to proceed to the next step.
=> Need to duiscuss.i am not able understand this points explain me in details.

6) also once pass generated the red message * For Password Minimum 6… should vanish. If i was you i would even set a green tick on every fields if it is correctly done so customers clear that they are doing right.
=> Done.

7) also we noted that once the order submited the page redirects to a Memers Login page so i think there would be good to put a pop up for a customer while hes creating his user name and password sopop up saying that you will use these credentials for your numbers managment interface login.
=> Done.

8) Also it would be very good that aftre creating an account for example we created with Mark and got redirected to the Members Login page the selected useraname was already input in the username field and below passworkd field should be a message that pass that your created opon account creation.
=> Done.

9) also there should be a reset pass option here again.
=> This is Additional point not mentioned in original requirements, it will take time.

10) While creating an account we haven’t see any text input field where customer can insert a text message along with his order. This i also mentioned to you if you remember so once customer left some notes the message become visable for admin in the order Tab “1 Message” so site admn can read it and act accordingly.
=> Done.

11) Orders View Page Search still does not work as customer wnats this is what i was telling you by saying “Please copy from intelegent” so now you will face a lot of complains that ppl can not search this or that andnow im telling you in advance. We simply tried to search “webmaklay? which is mentioned in our order email but the search is not able to detect it. As i told you before the search not searching inside of orders content and it is a big problem.
=> pending.

12) aslo search problem again it does not search the number inside of the orders this is an other problem.
=> its difficult to search inner numbers/details, even this type of functionalities does not work in intelligent portal also.