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check the home-search page in mobile view – this page search design is under the other developer responsibilities now so it is not our priority at this stage the area that is now really requires urgency is “Orders View” page we lost so much time so we just want to see “Orders View” which aftre we can look at an other areas.

Yes please make the floating box flexible on other browser screen so our customers not struggling.

Orders View Page in mobile better now still not all content can be seen but better.
from our conversation i more and more realize that you not keen to copy Int Orders View page which is fine but very risky. You can fix all above issues and things so we can run full job test, if the test pass we will present the job to our customers and see what they say. It may be accepted but may be not and then we will have to repair it and do as they want to release the funds.

Do not forget about ordering notification email as i have mentioned and ALL the small things that my self and other team members mentioning to you all the way trough.

Please remember GOLD rule if you not sure how to do and what please look at the Intelegent Orders View page and do as it is there i know that we discussed it with our customers and they love Int Orders View so you wont go wrong if you copy stuff from there

Please let me know when you ready i will test it first then send this to testers to complete reports and then if all passed we will submit the job to our clients.