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1) When i recommend to you somthing is because i know what customer’s expect to see and this where my recommendation come from. So you can do what customers want get paid and go further where as your ideas may not work with our customers expectation and by the end of the day customers say that they are not happy with the work and do not confirm the payment unless we change it again.I do not want to spend your time putting your ideas in test (which we tried and it did not work) but to complete the job asap.

2) As above im saying about what customers expect to see if you not doing it it just increases the job completion time frame.

ans:- as per our discussion removed unused options from the actions drop-down (message #2567)
you did easy recommendation

BUT Ignoring other most important recommendations #2545

ans:- for floating of auto up-down & drag functionalities both not working same time..
We have to do something with it you are developer you should know the solution for it if it can not be gradable then use some other tools / Technics to accomplish this task. It is great floating cacl but overlapping content and it has to be resolved some way.Maybe wraping to the left of the browser with (caclulator) title instead then on click wrapping back to its full view size, i know you can Krunal:)

Mobile View
ans:- yes i have checked in mobile its fine
i just open “Orders View” page on mobile and that was enough for me have you?