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for #2555 – thanks Mark for your prompt respond
for #2556 – sorry mate it is not good excuse as we discuss it with you before and the fact why you have webmaklay account for testing does not not make any sense and reason using other email for testing. We have got a range of authorized accounts for working with our clients when you use other accounts you putting at risk all and everyone in siliconinfo as if you guys got banned you will loose all access and we no longer can work with you anymore and we can not process any payments to ANYONE this siliconinfo used for more accounts.

I wish your boss can read all this so then of any issues occurred you guys not surprised why all access sudenly banned and you got paid $ 200 NZD less. This is not because we runaway but because of such breaches.

We are now tring to resolve this from our end and sort it our with our customers this stops us from some payments that we were going to proceed to siliconinfo.

for your #2547 and #2548 – i have adviced to you just copy all the intelegent Orders View system but you caliming that you done and all work completed, is that mean that you are not going to copy the Int Orders View? just want to clarify this

The reason im asking is that what you have done now can be far away from what we would like to see, for example the searcning on intelegent is perfect and can search anything about any order your serch only search the tab’s info and does not search what is inside of the orders, also if you can see on INT it has got orders numbers content pagination and notes when site admoin can add the notes and save to XML or Spread Sheet it has got many features that our customers after but is not done on orders view page. Are you going to add all this to your design?

This is why i recommended to you simply copy the content from INT and it would be much faster.
Can you please clairify what are you going to do?

Other point is we havn’t even tested the job yet but did you do when customer process the order can leave some notes that can be displaid for admin Orders View Page?

Did you fix the floating calculator which is good but need to be gradable so customers can remove it or temporary hide it to see all the content?

Have you checked if the content looking good from Mobile?

Please Krunal let me know about all above and what is your plans, i would like to know before runing full job test?
The test costly and time consuming process so i would k=like to be confident that all above done and 100% works.