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Hello Nishit for your #2546,

2) Please try to login from a user who’s got multiple numbers and see that from mobile view all the numbers with all statuses EXCEPT Ported out. As we checked some accounts and it shows all the numbers INCLUDING Ported out. Please doube check.

3) Thank You!

4) Thank You!

6) Looks much better and i can see you fixed it on My Numbers page but it is now showing wrong on other pages please see this screen shot

7) Looking good BUT if vanity Account Numbers should display as a number in this line ONLY.

8) Thank You!

Nishit we have disabled our countdown now thank you for your timely responds and fixes.
In fact i’m happy to process the 50% of the remaining balance to your nominated account today and when you fix these 2,6,7 pay the rest of the balance.

Please advice if you keen to work on the Job offered so we start planning developer for that Job.