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Nishit Shan
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2) Filters good and showing all the number’s statuses BUT it also show Ported out phone numbers as we asked please make all statuses numbers listed except ported out we do not want customers seeing Ported out statuses BUT it should be in the filter drop down and customers can see these once selected. -> I checked it and it’s working fine. So Please let me know if I missed any place into the testing.

3) Status colours look great well done, as we now set statuses in colours the phone number a bit deemed on an overall picture so please make the phone number’s font bigger so it looks outstanding as it is a main title of a tab! -> Done

4) Can you please double check so the pop up closes from first time when clicked on “X” When removing Pin pop up with a green triangle icon, it is still a warning message so please make its rectangle red pop up as you did with an other warning message. -> Done

6) Still not aligned, Icons on the header home, cart, search…along with their text please make them bright white colour so it looks outstanding on the blue background that you did. -> Done

7) Content looking better, but you did not put Account Number Line below the list. Just reminding that account number should be same phone number only starting with “1” and not gaps like 1XXXXXXXXXX (where XXX is phone number). Also Pin Number field and buttons not symmetrically looking with Call forwarding field and Save button could you please make this area looking better something is not okay there? -> Done

8) Can you please double check as we can not see it? Maybe set Please wait… as default every time we see loading gif. -> Done