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Hello Krunal I have some question, do you want to work with us? It feels that your are not happy working with us, maybe you try for your boss but do not want working with us and this job boring for you. If so we wont achieve what we want and it is better to stop working on it and as someone else to do this job. Of course we will pay some from remaining budget and we will use the other part to pay someone else to finish the job. Please advice.

The reason I ask is that I told you many times to make it easy for you just copy orders management interface from Intelligent (which access your have) i could see you’ve changed it but it is not as on Intelligent orders unfortunately.

There are two ways to finish this job: first is to allow me to guide you and finish it and start an other work more work stable budget.
The second way you may continue guessing and putting various content but it will take looooooooong time and eventually we can lose your budget. We tried it and it does not always work unfortunately.

So please just copy Intelegent staff (Orders View) it will be easy once copied we just adjust what we need and remove what we don’t that’s it.
We have extended your timer please take an other try.