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2) Filters all good just one thing before Status field is the word “Status” and in the fields “Status” word again please change “Status” word inside of the Filter to “All” – let the clients to see their numbers with all statuses by default EXCEPT “Ported out” but Ported Out status must be in the filter selection so when customers want to see Ported Out status numbers they can pick Ported Out status from the filter and then can see their numbers with Ported Out status. -> Done

3) In the tabs under each number you put number statuses such as “Active”, “Ported Out”, “Port Out Authorized” please let them be green colored not juicy green but Plan Green whcih means to our clients is good. Those statuses as “Pending Port Out”, “Pending Activation” which have neutral meaning pending/ awaiting statuses let them be with orange color, and the rest of the statuses with rejected meaning such as “Cancelled”, “Port Out Not Authorized” and Error… please make “Red Color” that gives to our clients color coding indication about their phone numbers available. -> Done

4) When we were changing Pin and then decided to close the pop up by presing the x icon in the corner of the pop up we could not close the pop up we had to press many times to close popup can you please check it.Then we trid to change again and added new pin then popup says: – “Are your sure you want to change the pin to “xxxx”” text is good but we noted you set a green rectangle and green X icon but it is a questioning/ warning message so these both rectangle and x icon should be red color – warning customer! Also it says NO, CANCEL MY REQUEST please change it to No, (Cancel my Request) please make this message in red frame as well. So we warn our customers. THen again we had to click 2 times on X icon to close popup. -> Done

5) Then we saw a loading GIF image while Pincode being changed can you please also put a message below
Please wait… somtime when ppl connecting on a go the loading GIF going and if customer lost WiFi connection the GIF continue to run for no stop time.. is it possible to make a message after some time if disconnected saying that your internet connection is lost please try again? -> Done

6) On My numbers page the header icon # hash which is above My Number words a little a bit squeezed down to My Numbers words can you please align it properly so it is positioned even with all other icons inline. -> Done

7) When we click on the phone tab and it drops down the inside content with all the Pin Code, Provider etc there something has to be done there so it is all sitting symmetrically right can you please set the drop-down content more accurately.We like red and blue icons but text and the way it sits inside of the drop down content a bit unprofessional can you please do something with it maybe better font, align it nicely. Make both pin number and call forwarding fields a little a bit bigger so we could a little a bit increase the font inside of these fields as some people (retired) facing difficulties to read inside of the fields but it is all should be somehow in harmony and balanced in terms of design. Also please add an additional line under Status Active line it should be Account Number 1 XXX XXX XXXX (with the sme number but “1” infornt of the number. Two icons after PinCode field sitting to close to each other and some clients can not even tap on them correctly and missing wrong so we need to make a little a bit more gap between them. -> Done

8) When we change the call forwarding number the message says: “All incoming calls to (XXX) XXX-XXXX will be forwarded to XXXXXXXXXX” please change to “All incoming calls will be forwarded to (XXX) XXX-XXXX” – please note the number should be looking as a number (XXX)XXX-XXXX not XXXXXXXXXX then again No, (cancel my request) and red icons as it is a warning message.Then again loading GIF with “Please wait…”. message underneath. Then successful Pop Up with Green Icons as it is successful message which is already green and good! -> I Made all changes in this point -> Done

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