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sorry guys a bit late today:(

for # 2514 Hi Yes I did, have already notified developer’s supervisor.
for # 2529 Thanks J.
for # 2513

1) Hi Krunal so your done the messaging on Tuesday and we lost Tuesday as you did not do Orders View page again and ignored my recommendation AGAIN then on Wednesday you lost an other day and reporting us “messaging task” that you did day before and

2) did something on home search which is not prioritized and i did not tell you over skype call so now I can see your have got a notice on your office page so I hope you will use what ever time left for you so we can finally see Orders View page as i recommended to your 2 days ago.

Just a kindly reminder for you i have tried my best to help you out by prioritizing tasks for you what to do step by step

On Tuesday you suppose to start Orders View Page
On Wednesday you could finish Orders View Page and Finish Orders Notifications and then i would guide you further
but my time was wasted as your time and all of ours

i hope you are smart enough now and wont ruin your opportunity as then the result of losing an other day will be unchangeable.