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Jeff Simpson
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hi for #2484
The API call is incorrect. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Run the searchNumbers API request without the ‘selectedTN’ => [‘tn’ => XXXXXXX555]. This would return a response with the list of available TN’s.
2) These TN’s returned in the response are locked for 30 minutes to ensure the numbers are not lost or taken by someone else.
3) The user then uses the TN’s returned in the response from the searchNumbers API call in step 1 and should to a place a new number order using the placeOrder API.
4) At this point, if the user did not take any action to place a new number order within 30 minutes, the numbers retuned in step 1 will get released back into the inventory pool.
5) If the user would like to relock the same numbers then they have to do it prior to the 30 min expiration timeframe. This is when the ‘selectedTN’ => [‘tn’ => XXXXXXX555] is used to relock the numbers.

The error message shared by our customer states this:

[error_code] => EPNN0006

This is due to the fact that in the first place the numbers have not been locked and the user is trying to relock a number.

The initial request must be made with the ‘selectedTN’ => [‘tn’ => XXXXXXX555] and as I have explained this element is needed only when trying to relock the numbers.

If the customer needs further help/clarification fell free to schedule a call and we can go over this with them.