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hi Krunal just one thing to clarify – we can see this page search and found “Currently on Cart” section in the search, would you please advice if that was done by you?

If you remember we asked you to use our developer search script but not changing it on http://portal.voip.us/number page. I remember that you said that you’ve been using our developer search on your Orders Management task and adding vanity functionality which is ok but please do not modify the search which is originally build by our developer http://portal.voip.us/number.

Later we may use your search if that will work better but for now please leave search on this page as it is http://portal.voip.us/numbers without any modifications. Simply continue your work job and you can modify this search here http://portal.voip.us/homesearch but not on this page http://portal.voip.us/number please

Once orders management task accomplished we will only use one search across entire site.