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Hi Krunal i have quickly checked your work and would like to tell you it is a most successful works you have done for the last two weeks:) well done! I now can see REAL Krunal who can do the work as we REALLY need and what we expect. Please keep it up i have tested some vanity searches from home page it after some time loading spent the search results have come up in according to my request. GOOD WORK.

I hope all the team will notice that after weekends and we will discuss to a accounting to release all the disputes with you and continue funding as usual.

HUGE FAVOR PLEASE do not relax on this and finish up the rest of the work as we can see there are many small issues around after major tasks done such as Mobile View, Orders View Page which has to be modified to more efficient numbers storage drop down content as mentioned in my video about intelligent Orders View page.

Saying small issues i mean particularly that we can see the “New Number Order Notification” that currently coming to the site admin and it should look more like a mini order with some information about the client, costs, plans etc so we would need to do it properly and etc.

By the way today i was trying to order a number from a different PC and i could noted that after adding a number into a bin it is hard to remove it (if changed mind) as floating calculator overlapping that zone and can not even put a cursor on X icon to remove it from selection. So making floating calculator drag able is a good idea or make it somehow hiding to a tray so customer could hide it or drag it to an other place of a client screen.

I hope we can finish it soon.