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Hello Krunal thanks for the update in #2475
Checking if something changed and comments as you listed your points:

1) Search home page checked and basically everything has been mentioned in the comment above. To help you out with this please read the message # 2127 again.
2) Floating box looks good Krunal well-done just a question if you can make that floating calculator drag able by mouse as on some screens this window overlapping search content (so let it be drag able and floating as it is now)
3) Add number page looks okay for now we will check it all once the ordering system from front end become functioning.
4) View order page as I mentioned in my message # 2466 tabs are good and I can see your removed shipin status but dropdown content not usable to help you with this please also read message # 2319 again
5) This is the main problem now as the content on this dropdown is not usable having said that we mean it is not orgonized nicely looking a bit messy and most importantly it can not store 500 – 2000 numbers under one order for example for the solution for that would be message # 2319 mentioned erlier. Again order tabs look good BUT what if one order will contain 200 numbers how you going to fit it in your current design? To help you on this please read message # 2319 again
6) I like your print invoice looks good for now, we may modify it later but the main priority for you now is accomplish points 1,4,5 after these done we can start testing and complete overall touch ups then job done and you get paid.

please advice if you need any help on anything or not understanding anything