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Hi Krunal the vanity search should work as a mobile key pad when ppl put some letters there it gets converted to numbers and pulls up appropriate combination of numbers. If you look at 2 number on any phone it has ABC letters so when visitor searches for vanity and puts A, B, C then the number search should be 222 and so on with other numbers.

there are many vanity numbers such as DEAL, HOME, GAME and so on that ppl whant they number look like so our search should offer such an ability to search such numbers.

When number query has been entered i can see you’ve done a redirect to our search which is okay but please ensure that the query processing right and deliver bunch of numbers available.

Yes View Orders Page i think is the corner stone of this Job it should look efficient. Your tabs with + expanding icon looks alright i would remove “ship item” as there is nothing to ship and changed Print Shipping Slip to Print Order details and we can see you’ve done an envelop so we can read the messages what ever submitted with the order just make sure that there is a text field input for the customer available during the order so client can submit one’s notes for us to read. It should not be too much may 300 characters limit.

The biggest problem starts when we expend your orders tab. The content a bit messy not organized, also there is no way to store 200 or 500 numbers in one order this is why we suggested to you to look at intelligent view orders system it is very compact and efficent. See if you can do better than that that will be great if not just make similar as on Intelligent.

I could see that Jeff has helped you with the ordering calls from peerless support so you should not be having problems with that.

As per banking it looks okay for now maybe we will need to print invoice feature for both customer front end and admin back end and once orders being processed and site running production it is all should be good.

Let me know if you have any questions myself or someone else will respond to it.