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oh so sorry about that Jeff, Krunal please be careful with its libraries i have mentioned before that there are some other works going on on this project.As a kindly reminder please let us know files reservations before any replacements. We do the same as you can see Jeff always asks your opinion on any modifications as you hold CPanel access.

for #2453 come on you could do that yourself, please read our remarks across this forum you find all answers to complete the job. Just remember that this job designed to start Voip functioning in production.

starting from landing page:
Customers can see nice search to be able to seek for both Vanity and Regular numbers (ask Nishit he knows how to do vanity search he has done similar job on other site.

Searching querry should display results for ordering and proceeded to order by using offered payment getaways.
Once ordered the order should be generated and stored all buyer data and displaid on Orders View page.

Your orders view page tabs looking okay, you just need to work on the expanding content as i showed you on the video Intelligent Orders Views as it is good system and can contain hundreds of numbers under one order, in your version it can not be implemented so need improvements on that area.

After all done we can test your work and talk about full payment.
Please let me know if you need any help.