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Hello Nishit please find our comments for your report:
– telinta web we have updated a pass in your office page i have checked it it is working fine now;
– Mobile Look it looks very good well done Nishit here are some points to adjust:

My accounts page: – Please remove “Completed Orders” Link from this page we click on that and there is nothing happening on “Completed Orders” if it is a broken link then please check so it works otherwise please remove.
“Order Status” Please change to “My Orders” when we click on current Order Status it leads to My Orders page so please change “Order Status” to “My Orders”. The page design very good nice blue colors, nice frame well done.

1) My Numbers Page – Nishit can you please make a better design for pagination footer we could see you have done pagination but look of it very poor and not looking good. Can you please make it better just check some iPhone styles how it looks colors Technics, now pagination color grey then number 1 page showing arrow left two arrows right as on desktop – improvement required.

2) On the top of My Numbers Page we can see you created filters it is good could you please put the seacrh filter to the right and status filter to the left.

3) Then Same page error found – we tried to put a call forwarding to an other number so we clicked on the number it has expended its dropdown frame all good for now, then we entered a redirect number and clicked save pop up displayd correct all right then it saved BUT after this the number font turns to black color, mobile icon disappears along with its status so tab content gets messed up please check. So after pin or call forwarding change the tab styles goes screwed up so please fix it.

4) Also could you please decrease the size of a mobile phone icon just a little a bit.

Overall all good for now Nishit looks like coming close to the end of the job so please keep it up so we may finish it up after these changes.

FOR API could you please advice if you have checeked the total numbers on the site and if the same amunnt being fetched via API?