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hello all this is to notify that due to incomplete project and poor communication with the nominated developer the account dpt has initiated a refund for the payment that’s been paid on 27th July 2020 Transaction ID: 5LM98945BW109613G.

We strongly recommend to process refund payment requested as we are going to use these funds for the project completion with an alternative nominee.

However we are leaving an opportunity for the current developer to resolve this situation and complete the project in the way we suggested and lead this developer by sending various video,image and text materials.

Krunal we still leave an access for you to this project to finish the works we suggested to you in this forum if that is not going to be done then we will have to terminate all access to our resources and no longer opportunity for you to resolve this situation

The refund initiated has to be paid back and if the situation gets resolved the accounting DPT will arrange different transaction after entire project 100% tested and confirmed completed.